Bereavement Counselling

Answering your questions

Shouldn’t I be strong enough to manage without counselling?

Counselling isn’t about strength or weakness. It’s about giving you the space to look at issues that are troubling you. Talking with the counsellor will give you the chance to think about what is going on in your life and how things might be different. We will make sure that the counselling environment feels supportive and non-judging.

I feel so much grief. How can anyone help me?

Sometimes it may feel as if there’s no way out of your grief. But grief often gets ‘stuck’ when we feel completely alone. Talking to someone who is prepared to listen and who can accept your grief may be the first step to moving safely through it.

Won’t counselling open up painful feelings that I won’t be able to cope with?

Counselling may bring up many different feelings – often painful ones. But it will give you the chance to explore these feelings, and to work through them and understand them, rather than burying them so that they come to the surface just when you don’t want them to.

Should I be coming here? My problems feel trivial compared with those that others might be bringing.

If you have been bereaved, then you have every right to use our counselling service. At your first appointment with the counsellor, you can talk about
whether you feel counselling will help you, and how to make the best use of the sessions.

If I have counselling does that mean I’m mentally ill?

Counselling can help you regardless of the state of your mental health. It is true that counselling can help people on the road to recovery if they are suffering mentally. However, counselling can also help you if you are in distress but mentally healthy. Suffering distress is not a sign of mental illness – it is part of being human.

I think I just need someone to talk to, so would counselling be right for me?

Counselling can help you to work out what you need. This could include using it as a space just to talk about your bereavement. If you are not sure if counselling would be right for you, just call our office. We’ll be glad to talk it through with you.

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